Revision Retirement

Revision Retirement is a website, community, coaching and personal services company devoted to the millions of soon-to-retire or recently retired Americans coming out of corporate or professional careers who seek to remain active, purposeful and productive, while earning extra income. The site is based on the recognition that those in the "retirement zone" have only few resources to help them make informed decisions about how to stay active (read: un-retire). The site is filled with relevant information about the many paths one can take to leverage their career experience while doing "their own thing" as an independent business owner, freelancer, gigster or any number of other activities.

The company is led by David Topus, founder and managing director David Topus | LinkedIn. David is a nationally recognized communication consultant, career coach and personal branding expert. Throughout his career he has collaborated with hundreds of companies and individuals in helping them achieve their business and career goals. His work is informed by his own career where he worked for the world's biggest and most admired publishing company, conceived and launched multiple companies and products, developed game-changing personal branding materials, wrote a best-selling book on networking published by John Wiley and Sons, trained hundreds of sales teams in effective communication, and coached/consulted with some of the most accomplished people and companies in the world.

Today in addition to running Revision Retirement to address the unmet needs of recently-retired or soon-to-retire professionals, he has an active personal branding practice, provides marketing strategy and messaging content along with sales training for a variety of clients, and continually develops and refines thought leadership around personal and professional success.